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 Off Mains Gas – by MPH Gas Ltd


Due to an increase in demand MPH Gas has recently extended its range of Gas, Central Heating and Plumbing Services to include LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) including Residential Park Home LPG installations. This extension in services allows MPH Gas to bring the convenience, controllability and high efficiency of new gas appliances to customers who live in rural areas ‘off mains gas’.


10 years ago the price of heating Oil was substantially less than LPG, however prices of heating Oil are reported to have quadrupled in the last 7 to 10 years with no stability yet on the horizon. This increase in Oil has dramatically reduced the gap in costs between the two heating fuels, making LPG an efficient and cost effective option, with the additional security benefit that unlike oil, the contents of an LPG bulk tank are not easily stolen.


The supply of LPG comes in 2 forms, either bulk tank installations or cylinders (Gas Bottles). Both have advantages and disadvantages, though a couple of the deciding factors would be the amount of LPG likely to be used and space available. MPH Gas can advise throughout.


A bulk tank installation normally attracts planning and positioning issues, though they can be buried which can be extremely useful in some properties. The tank will usually be supplied for free and will remain the property of your chosen gas provider, they will also lay a gas supply from the tank to the house for free depending on your contract (the property owner will need to have the trench dug and backfilled). MPH Gas can then connect you appliances to this supply.


Cylinder installations can be used to supply all appliances including the new high efficiency gas boilers. Even if you already have an oil boiler, LPG can still be a useful/cost effective addition to any house. LPG is the convenient option for supplying a gas fire/cooker without having to go to the lengths of having a bulk tank installed and the cylinders can normally be positioned in such a way not to be an eyesore.


For a no obligation free quotation please call Mark Hall  07871 234673 (day), 01952 812812 (evening) or to see a full range of our services please visit